Triangular Skyscraper: TS1

This Triangular Skyscraper puzzle I created for the practice of the US Puzzle Championship 2009. This post is special to me as this is my 100th post (including solution posts) on this blog. Still, I feel that this is the beginning, and a long way to go.

Triangular Skyscraper Instructions

Place the digits 1 through 8 into the empty cells (one per cell) so that each digit appears exactly once in each row and column. One digit is given.
The cells in the grid can be thought of as individual buildings, and the number inside the building is the number of floors. A number outside the grid indicates how many buildings can be "seen" from the corresponding direction. (A building is seen by an observer if there are no buildings taller (with a greater number), between it and the observer).
Logic Puzzles: Triangular Skyscraper.

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