Challenge Your Logic with the Gappy Skyscrapers Puzzle

Explore the puzzle that appeared in the 18th World Puzzle Championship in Antalya and the Indian Puzzle Championship 2009. Gappy Skyscrapers is the ultimate test of your puzzle-solving skills. Can you reveal the city skyline by strategically placing numbers?

Rules of "Sparse Skyscrapers" Puzzle

Fill the grid with digits 1 to (n-1) so that each digit appears exactly once in each row and in each column. Each digit inside the grid represents a building with the height of the digit itself. Numbers outside the grid indicate the number of buildings that can be seen by an observer looking into the grid in the corresponding direction, taking into account that higher buildings block the view of lower buildings from the observer. Exactly one cell will remain empty in each row and in each column.

Gappy Skyscrapers Puzzle: A Puzzle Classic Since 2009
Gappy Skyscrapers Puzzle

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