Tuesday, October 27, 2009

4 Minesweepers: M2

This puzzle I created for "10th 24 hour Championship"

This puzzle type also appeared in the following championships

Oguz Atay Puzzle Contest (OAPC)-5
"18th World Puzzle Championship, Antalya (Turkey)"
Indian Puzzle Championship 2009

"4 Minesweepers" Instructions:
Place some mines in each diagram so that the numbers inside the grid indicate the amount of mines in the neighboring cells. When all four puzzles are solved, every single coordinate should exactly contain one mine.


  1. Olá como vai? , onde consigo um email para conversar sobre parcerias ?

    1. I am fine and enjoying. You can find my email in the "Contact Us" link in the main menu at top of this website. Do let me know if any further information are required?


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