Classic Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #101)

I found it very difficult to get the pattern you want while creating the Classic Sudoku puzzles. In a Sudoku Variation puzzle, one can give hints about the pattern one wants. However, for a Classic Sudoku, I found it tough to get the hints patterns that I wanted to achieve. Classic Sudoku is the center of learning the art of Sudoku solving. If one is not an expert in solving Classic Sudoku, it's difficult to get into the top ranks in any of the Sudoku competitions. Second, comes the ability to cope with the new Sudoku Variations. If one can master both, one can be a very good Sudoku player. 
Anyway now I am left with very few Classic Sudoku puzzles. It's time to create some more Classic Sudoku puzzles to maintain my routine of posting one Classic Sudoku after two Sudoku variations puzzles. This Classic Sudoku I am posting as the 101st Sudoku in the Fun With Sudoku Series. Can you solve this Standard Sudoku puzzle?
Classic Sudoku  (Fun With Sudoku #101)
Classic Sudoku  (Fun With Sudoku #101)

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