Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Kropki Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #90)

My previous Kropki Sudoku posted in Daily Sudoku League was very tough. I had created around 4 Kropki Sudoku. Out of these four, three were of medium difficult and one was very tough which is already published. So now I will be publishing remaining three Kropki puzzles one by one. There is another set of Average Sudoku and Frame Sudoku which I have created is under testing. Once test is completed, I will post these Sudoku Variations soon.
This Kropki Sudoku is my third Kropki Sudoku posted here and 90th puzzle in Fun With Sudoku Series.
Kropki Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #90)
Kropki Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #90)
Kropki Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #90) Solution

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