Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ying Yang (Mini Puzzles Series #17)

This is the first puzzle of this type which I created for practice of Indian Puzzle Team participating in World Puzzle Championship 2009. Now a days this is Classic Puzzle Type, However that time this puzzle type was very new and I created this puzzle to understand rules of this puzzle type. Later I created some more puzzles of this type, which I will be posting here later. This puzzle type also appeared in 18th World Puzzle Championship at Antalya (Turkey). This puzzle type is also known as Black and White puzzle. However with the name Black and White there are many different puzzle available now a days. So I am keeping this name Ying Yang and will be using the same name for all my future posts for this puzzle type. 
I am posting this Ying Yang in Mini Puzzles Series as 17th puzzle.
Rules of Ying Yang puzzle
Fill each empty cell with either a black circle or a white circle. All white circles should form a single interconnected area and similarly all black circles should form a single interconnected area. There cannot exist any 2x2 cell region consisting of same color circles anywhere in the grid.
Ying Yang (Mini Puzzles Series #17)
Ying Yang (Mini Puzzles Series #17)

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