Kropki Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #99)

With today's Kropki Sudoku post, I am celebrating my 1500th post on this blog. It was year 2009 when I have written my first post here as Cave puzzle. It has taken more than 6 years to come to 1500th post. However some of the posts here are not that useful e.g. earlier I used to post solutions of puzzles in the separate post and thus increasing the number of posts. However now-a-days I have posting solution of a puzzle with the another puzzle. I tried to delete my unwanted posts but it created another big mess giving so many html errors. So I still have these posts here but these posts are not referenced now from anywhere. Another big number of posts belongs to giving information about forthcoming Puzzle and Sudoku championships. These kind of posts are relevant till the time championship happens. After that these posts does not hold much values. However now-a-days I am giving link to the practice puzzles for these championship to make these kind of posts more useful. Still overall there are around more than 700 puzzles to be discovered here. 
Thanks to all the readers of this blog which encourages me to create and post more and more puzzles. It still looks beginning to me as there are still hundreds of puzzles are with me created on paper and to be published. Looking forward to next milestone of completing 2000 posts.
Over the time, I am improving my puzzle creation skills. Posting this Kropki Sudoku as my 1500th post. This Kropki Sudoku is my 4th Sudoku puzzle of this type and 99th puzzle in Fun With Sudoku Series.
Kropki Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #99)
Kropki Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #99)
Kropki Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #99) Solution
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