Water Fun: Logic Puzzle W1

Water Fun is a very interesting puzzle. I saw this puzzle the first time on the "Puzzle Picnic" website. This puzzle was part of the Indian Puzzle Championship 2011. All the puzzles in the qualifying round of "Water Fun" puzzle type were created by me. Again all the puzzle which I created were very easy.

"Water Fun" Puzzle Instructions

Fill water in some parts of the grid. The numbers below or next to the grid indicate how many squares of each row or column must be filled with water. Connected areas of filled cells must have the same surface height everywhere – even if the surface is not connected, like in a U-shaped tube.

Water Fun: Logical Puzzles Printable
Water Fun-W1

Water Fun: W1 Puzzle Solution


David Millar said...

Very appropriate title for a very fun puzzle. I don't see this type often but really enjoy it. I'm not sure if it's the novelty of the gravity/water concept or the theme reminding me of swimming and water parks, but this is a good puzzle and I really enjoyed seeing it come up here. :)

Rajesh Kumar said...

Thanks David for your comment. This puzzle is not novelty. You can find many puzzle of this type at puzzlepicnic website which can be solved online.
Anyway this is very nice puzzle and I am going to post soon more of this type.