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Non Consecutive Sudoku puzzle is Classic Sudoku puzzle look-alike Sudoku variation. However, there is a big difference between these two Sudoku type is that no two consecutive number can touch each other in case of Non-Consecutive Sudoku puzzle. This rule makes this Sudoku type very interesting and even with very few digits given, this Sudoku type can be solved uniquely.
On this page, I am given links to all the Non Consecutive Sudoku puzzles which are published on this website.
Moreover, on 7th June 2015, my website completed 2.5 million page views and after 17 months on 1st Feb 2017, it has completed 5 million page views. Thanks to all the visitors of this blog to make it possible. 

Rules of Non-Consecutive Sudoku
Classic Sudoku Rules apply. Moreover, no adjacent cell pairs (sharing an edge) can contain digits which are consecutive to each other.
List of most of the (Non) Consecutive Sudoku Puzzles is given as below 

Non Consecutive Sudoku Puzzles (DSL #204, FWS #259, #260)

(Non) Consecutive Sudoku Variations
There are many Sudoku variations based upon (Non) Consecutive Sudoku. Links to these Sudoku Variations is given as below

Diagonal Consecutive Sudoku (Daily Sudoku League #133)

Non Consecutive Trio Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #121)

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Sudoku Variations Main Page

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