Friday, April 22, 2011

French pre-qualification for WSC 2011

Yannick Meyapin is organizing a prequalification tournament within sight of french qualifications for WSC 2011. It will last on 23 and 24 april, with the possibility for everyone to start when he/she wants to.

The tournament will be hosted by and will use the usual submission system (form without preliminary registration). Non-french players are of course welcome to participate !

Duration of tournament : 2h.

Puzzle types :

- Classical sudoku x3
- Tight fit sudoku
- Diagonal sudoku
- Just one cell sudoku
- Product sudoku
- Sudoku 147
- Frame sudoku
- Alphabet sudoku
- Arrow sudoku
- Surprise (the rule of this puzzle will be unveiled in the tournament file and will be accompanied with an example)
- Untouch sudoku

The instruction booklet, including the points table, is available. Please note that the link now directs you toward an english version of the IB. Go and get it if you had previously downloaded the french one !

=> The tournament file (password protected) is now downloadable. It has 15 pages including 2 pages of presentation resuming information already given in the instruction booklet.

Each puzzle will have three answer-codes indicated by arrows, each one being a row or column. You will have to send these codes with the form which will be made available soon before the test starts. Just one cell sudoku is the only exception : the form will have two fields; the first one corresponds to the digit to find and the second one to its location in the grid : RxCy (Row x, Column y).

No registration is necessary; when you wish to start the test, you will have to fill in the first form with your name/nickname, e-mail address and country, then validate so that you can get the password. A link will allow you to come back to the previous page; there you can access to the second form, which one will be used to send answers.
After you have sent some answers, you will be directed to a page confirming you that they have been transmitted. You will be able to come back to the form to send additional answers but it will be blank. You will need to enter your name/nickname again before you send some more answers.
It is of no use to send again codes that you have already transmitted, excepted if you wish to correct one.

=> If you are not sure of having understood the functioning, don't hesitate to have a look at the test forms.

Be careful ! Local hour will be displayed on the tournament page but you won't be notified the end of your delay, so, stay vigilant.

To discuss about the tournament, go to the forum :

Puzzles are from Yannick Meyapin and Bastien Vial-Jaime.

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