Evolved Terrestrials (UK) Puzzle Competition

Evolved Terrestrials (UK) Puzzle Competition

About Evolved Terrestrials Puzzle Competition

After the Puzzle Cruise Competition there is yet another interesting puzzle test test named as Evolved Terrestrials. It contains the mix of popular puzzle types and some of very new puzzle types. Author of this puzzle competition is Anurag Sahay from India. List of Logical Puzzles is given at the end.

List of of Puzzles for Evolved Terrestrials

Some of the Popular Puzzle Types

Some of the new Puzzle Types:

  • Turnyu Puzzle
  • Evenyu Puzzle
  • Numberless Puzzle
  • Liar liar Puzzle
  • True-false Puzzle
  • Recoverable Puzzle
  • Extended Puzzle
  • Multiply and divide Puzzle

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