Indian Sudoku Championship 2010

Logic Masters India (LMI) in association with TechFest at IIT Bombay invites you to test your logical skills in the Indian Sudoku Championship and get an opportunity to represent India at the 5th World Sudoku Championship in Philadelphia, USA.
At Logic Masters we would like to thank you all for your continued support and participation in the Indian Sudoku and Puzzle Championships. In 2010 we are associating with TechFest who have been organising sudoku events as a part of their festival for the last couple of years.
The Indian Sudoku Championship Finals will be held on 24th January 2010 at the TechFest venue in IIT Bombay. The participants for the finals will be selected through online rounds on 3rd and 9th January 2010. There will also be an on the spot elimination round on 23rd January at TechFest.
For further details check out Logic Masters India webpage
Instruction booklet for Round 1 contains following Sudoku
Classic Sudoku
Even/Odd Sudoku
Sudoku XV
Diagonal Sudoku
Consecutive Sudoku
Irregular Sudoku
Frame Sudoku
Group Sum Sudoku
Toroidal Sudoku
No Knight Step Sudoku
Outside Sudoku
Quadraple Sudoku
Magic Square Sudoku

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