Indian Puzzle Championship 2010

All resident Indian nationals, irrespective of age, can participate in Indian Puzzle Championship. The Championship will be an online test on September 12th, 2010. The puzzle-solving skills of contestants will be tested using different puzzle variations which appear in the WPCs. Top rankers at the Indian Puzzle Championship will be eligible to represent India at the World Puzzle Championship to be held in Warsaw, Poland from 24th-29th October 2010.
Championship Timing
The Championship will start at 1400 Hrs IST on 12th September. The test duration is of 2.5 hours. So answers submitted after 1630 Hrs IST will not be accepted.
Rules and Regulations
The championship is open for All Indian and Foreign Nationals.
However, only participants with Indian nationality will be considered for the Indian Puzzle Team to represent India at the WPC.
Ranking will be done on the basis of total score. Ties will be broken using the following rules in order:
      Number of puzzles correctly solved
      Earliest time stamp

External help of any kind is not permitted. This means no assistance of any kind from any other person, also any books, calculators, computers or tools other than the items explicitly permitted. Writing instruments of any shape or design, erasers, rulers and paper are allowed. All scores are subject to review compliance for rules. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any contestant if in their sole judgment they believe that the rules have been violated.

The Instruction Booklet containing puzzle types will be published on 8th September 2010. Download the instruction booklet from the downloads tab and carefully study the instructions for each puzzle. You can get clarifications for the puzzle instructions before the event starts at the LMI Forum . The pdf containing puzzles will be available for download on 10th September 2010 in a password protected PDF. The password will be available on the submission page at the time of the test at 1400 Hrs IST on 12th September. Participants are advised to take prints to solve as the puzzles are best solved on paper. Submit answers for the puzzles before 1630 Hrs IST according to the answer formats described in the instruction booklet.
Results Page
The results will be published within 48 hours after the championship. 

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