German Puzzle Championship: online qualification 2011

Description: The online qualification for the "Logic Masters", the German Puzzle Championship 2011.


Name:Logic Masters 2011 - qualification round
Number of puzzles:20
Results:will be shown automatically after the end of the contest

Times and Durations

Activation of the instructions file:03.05.2011 17:00
Activation of the puzzle file:06.05.2011 22:00
Start:07.05.2011 06:00
Finish:08.05.2011 00:00
Duration:150 minutes

Penalties / Additional time

Penalty for wrong solution:5
Mode for additional time:The for the participant optimal hand over will be counted.
Maximal additional time:5 minutes
Formula for time penalties:
Thereby t stands for the number of started seconds. The so calculated penalty points will be rounded up.

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