2nd Puzzle Meet Up @ Bangalore 14th June, 2015

1st Puzzle Meet up in Bangalore happened on 31st May, 2015. We planned to have Bangalore meetings once in a month and it was nice to have 2nd meeting yesterday on 14th June, 2015. Lots of things were planned for this meeting along with bonus of playing board games. However people who wanted to play board games has to come early @ 2 pm even though puzzles meeting start time was 3 pm. This meeting was attended by 12 participants Amit Sowani, Prasanna Seshadri, Rohan Rao, Harmeet Singh, Rajesh Kumar, Gaurav Kumar Jain, Deepika Moningi, Zalak Ghetia, Sai Karthik Burra, Jayant Ameta, Aditi Seshadri and Kunal Verma. So Rishi and Deb were missing this time and Deepika, Zalak, Jayant and Kunal were added as compared to last meeting. 
Coloretto Board Game
This meeting started with Board Games for those who came early. In board games very interesting game Coloretto was played. I did not attended this part, so will not be writing much about it. 
There were lots of things planned for this meeting like Individual Doubt Solving, Team Round, Discussion and application of a difficult Sudoku technique, Creating a Sudoku variant, Sudoku Group solving  and Introduction to a puzzle type. In fact schedule of this meeting was published in advance @ Logic Masters India discussion thread. Puzzle meeting started with Individual Doubt Solving where experience players helped other players to proceed on the tough puzzles. After the Doubt Solving we started with Discussion and application of difficult Sudoku Technique. This months' technique was X-wing and we were given 4 tough Sudoku puzzles which can be solved using X-wing technique. Everyone enjoyed solving and learning new technique of Sudoku. Most of the people were able to solve 3 Sudoku in the given time and they kept 4th one to be solved at home. 
Now we moved to next round which was Team Round. In this team round we have to solve eight Sudoku. In these Sudoku four puzzles were have same answer as the other four. However we were not knowing which Sudoku types will match and this was part of Team solving to find it out. Here we were four players Prasanna, Rohan, Amit and myself who has solved (or tried to solve) this round during one of the World Sudoku championship. So 3 teams were formed with Prasanna and Rohan leading one team each and Amit & myself clubbed together to form another team. So each 3 teams were having 4 players each. Team round was the most enjoyable part of the meeting. Our team was able to finish this round at least 10 mins before the second team lead by Prasanna solved it. 
Once Team round was over, we moved to next round which was Sudoku Group solving where every one was given tough Sudoku and we discussed many different techniques to solve it. For me I learned to apply Y Wing to solve the classic Sudoku. It was interesting to find a great pattern in Skyscrapers Sudoku which helped to solve this Sudoku quite fast. Rest of the puzzles we kept it for home with Prasanna promising to help anyone over e-mail in case of any doubts in solving. 
Before we could move to next round we were interrupted by management of   RMZ Infinity and told that we need to pack up as only employees working in RMZ Infinity are allowed to sit for long time here. So now we were not having much time. So we move quickly to next round which was Introduction to a puzzle type and this month's puzzle type was Nurikabe. Prasanna quickly explained the rules or Nurikabe and we all were given many easy to medium level Nurikabe puzzles with Prasanna helping each of us in solving these puzzles. However we could not spent much time on this as we have to move out and in fact time now was around 6:30pm.
Overall it was again very enjoyable event with lots of learning. Some of points which can be useful for next meeting is as below
1. Format for this meeting is quite enjoyable, which we can continue for the next meetings and even the same can be used by the another city puzzle meetups.
2. We need to look out for another Venue where we can sit without any interruption. Any new ideas about Venue are welcome. 
3. Board Games is very good idea. In fact it helps to prepare for Team Rounds of World Puzzle Championships. So Board Games can be played before/after the meeting. 
I tried to put as many details as possible for this meeting. Do let me know if I missed any information regarding this meeting and please do give your comments about this meeting. Also if someone is having photographs of meeting, please do send it to me, so that I can update these photographs here.


kishy said...

Fascinating write-up again.XYZ Wing?!Whatever is that ,I am googling it today!Never applied it even once during my 3 years of solving.
The meetings appear very didactic to an outsider like me and should serve as excellent fodder for relatively new-comers to the sport.
Like you asked for,the write-up would be even more better with a few photographs from the event.Thanks a lot for sharing!


Rajesh Kumar said...

Thanks Kishore for your comments.
Sorry for confusion on Y Wing. In fact it was Y Wing itself which appeared in a new way not seen by me earlier. I have removed reference of XYZ Wing from the post after your comment and given reference points for X-Wing and Y-Wing for the new comers to study about these techniques.