Friday, June 26, 2015

Indian Sudoku Championship 2015

Indian Sudoku Championship 2015

Indian Sudoku Championship 2015 will be held on 28th June, 2015 online @ Logic Masters India website. ISC 2015 will be used to select Indian Team which will represent India at World Sudoku Championship 2015. Unfortunately team selected will be sponsored team and another Times Sudoku Championship will be conducted shorted to sponsor the 4 people of Indian team.
Instruction booklet of this championship is already released and it is having quite a lot interesting Sudoku puzzles. Fortunately many of the Sudoku types appearing in this championship can be found on this blog. Below I am giving link to the practice Sudoku puzzles which will be appearing in this championship. 
Consecutive Pairs Sudoku
True or Lie Sudoku
Filler Sudoku and
Shapes Sudoku
ISC 2015 is over now. Following are the top 4 Indian solvers. Congrats to all of them and esp. to Rishi for being Indian Sudoku Champion 2015.
1. Rishi Puri 
2. Prasanna Seshadri 
3. Rohan Rao
4. Kishore Kumar

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