Reading Challenge of Encrypted Quotes by Great People

Can you read encrypted text? Research shows that our mind is training to read the text even without fully looking at the letters. If we scramble letters of a word with keeping the first and last letter of the word same, our mind can read it without much effort. In the beginning, it may look odd or difficult. However, once you start reading, our mind will start comprehending the encrypted text. Once you start you don't even have to make efforts to read it. 
Here are some Great Quotes by known personalities. These quotes have been encrypted with its inner letters getting scrambled while keeping 1st and last letter intact. Can you read these quotes? Let's see how many of these Quotes can you read?

Neevr sotp fhtiingg utinl you airvre at yuor dnseietd plcae - taht is, the unqiue you. Hvae an aim in lfie, ciunolsoutny aruqcie knelogdwe, wrok hrad, and hvae pvesarrecene to resilae the great lfie.
1. Can you Read this Quote by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam?

Geart tginhs in bsenuiss are neevr dnoe by one preosn. Tehy're dnoe by a taem of pepole.
2. Can you Read this Quote by Steve Jobs?

Osptmiim is the ftaih taht ldeas to amhniecevet. Nithnog can be dnoe wtuihot hpoe and cdenncifoe.
3. Can you Read this encrypted Quote by Helen Keller?

Do the diiffulct tignhs wlhie tehy are esay and do the garet tihgns whlie tehy are samll. A jroneuy of a tsuanhod miles msut begin wtih a slngie setp.
4. Can you Read this encrypted Quote by Lao Tzu?

Trehe are two geart dyas in a peorsn's lfie - the day we are bron and the day we diovscer why.
5. Can you Read this Encrypted Quote by William Barclay?

Answers of Reading Challenge of Jumbled Words

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