Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Optical Illusions to test your weekend hangover

Optical illusions which will make you think as if you are drunk
Have you drunk last night? 
OK, let me give you a test, to confirm that you do not have a hang-over, due to all the alcohol that you had been drinking .......
I am going to show some pictures and will ask you some easy riddles. Answer these riddles quickly to confirm that you do not have hangover!!!.
Lets start with an easy one. 
What do you see in this picture a Monkey or a Lion? 
Monkey or Lion Optical Illusion
1. Monkey or Lion Optical Illusion

If you could see both Monkey are Lion, then it is time to move to next picture. 

Tell in which direction this car is moving?  
Strange Vehicle Optical Illusion
2. Strange Car Optical Illusion
If you answered previous riddle correctly then move to next question :) 

In which direction this person is watching?
Half Person Optical Illusion
3. Half Person Optical Illusion
If you see this person is contently changing its direction from front to right then move to next easy riddle. 

In the next picture what number do you see?  
Hidden Number Optical Illusion
4. Hidden Number Optical Illusion
If you are able to find this number correctly then only move to the next riddle?

Tell which side of pencil is darker? 
Light or Dark Pencil Optical Illusion
5. Light or Dark Pencil Optical Illusion
If you said right side, then its time to finish the test right now as both the sides of pencil are equally dark :)

In case you answered the previous riddle correctly let move to the last brain teaser. 
What do you see in-between the zigzag lines?
Optical Illusions to test your weekend hangover
6. Can you tell What is hidden in-between zigzag lines?

Are you able to see anything in this picture. If not, move yourself away from the picture till you see the hidden object in this picture.

This test has come to an end. So how many riddles you answered correctly. At the end you decide yourself if you still have hangover or not?  

These pictures are part of Fun Optical Illusions. Below is the list of some Optical Illusions and brain teasers to twist your mind. 
List of Optical Illusions and Mind Twisting Brain Teasers

1. Moving Pictures Optical Illusions to trick your brain: These are the stationary optical illusions which will look as if these picture are moving to our brain. Do check it out yourself.

2. Funny and Amazing Mind Twister Brain Teaser Pictures for kids: These are very funny and amazing mind twister optical illusions which is not only fun to watch but also make you wonder in amazement!!

3. Intelligent Reading Brain Teasers to Twist your brain : Can you read it? If yes, do try out these simple intelligent reading brain teasers which will twist your brain.

4. Mind Blowing Optical Illusion of Spinning Lady :  This is one of the best optical illusion in which a lady is spinning and your mind will see it moving in clockwise or anti-clockwise at different point of time.


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