Can You Find the Hidden faces in Pictures?

Visual Tests are of different types. Some of the visual tests are reading challenges in which one has to read the text which is blurred, encrypted, turned upside down or backward. There are some visual challenges in which one has to find the hidden animals in the pictures. There are some visual challenges in which one has to find hidden words in the given pictures. There are also some observation puzzles in which one has to spot the difference between two given pictures which looks exactly alike. There are also some observation puzzle tests in which one has to spot the different picture among given three pictures. One of the visual challenges also makes you find the hidden numbers in the given picture puzzles.
Today's challenge is similar to the hidden numbers challenge. The difference is that instead of numbers here faces of famous personalities are hidden in these picture puzzles.
In these puzzles, the face of the famous personality is hidden. Your challenge is to guess the name of this personality which is hidden in these picture puzzles.
We have kept the difficulty level of these hidden faces picture puzzles easy so that anyone can solve these puzzles easily. Do post your answers in the comment section of this post.
Hidden Face in Picture Puzzle
1. Can you find who is hidden in this picture?

Puzzle to find hidden Chess Player in Picture
2. Can you name this hidden person in picture puzzle?

Hidden Scientist Face Picture Puzzle
3. Can you find a famous scientist hidden in this picture?

Famous Politician hidden face picture puzzle
4. Can you name this Person hidden in this picture?

Picture Puzzle to find hidden face of known person
5. Whose face is hidden in this picture puzzle?

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