Solving Spot the Difference Picture Puzzles Quickly

How to solve "Spot the Difference Picture Puzzles" quickly
Here are some of the pictures puzzle in which one has to spot the given number of differences. In each of these picture puzzles, two pictures are given. At first glance, both of these pictures look exactly alike. However, there are a few differences between these pictures. The count of differences in these pictures is mentioned at the top of each picture. One has to find these differences in the least possible time.
I am going to teach you how to solve these spot-the-difference picture puzzles very quickly. In fact, if one knows this technique any spot the difference puzzle irrespective of its difficulty. However, this technique works only when both the pictures in which one has to find the differences are given next to each other as is given in this post. To solve Spot the Differences puzzles quickly stare at both pictures at once i.e. look at both pictures simultaneously with crossing your eyes. After some time both of these pictures will merge to form the third picture in-between these two pictures. To practice it offline,  try to look at your finger-pointing it in between your eyes. After some time this one finger will look as double. In the same view, we have to look at these two pictures at the same time to create the third merged picture in the center. Now look at this central picture and the difference will pop up and will be clearly visible in the central third picture. If one is doing this first time, it may take some time and practice to learn this technique. However, once you are able to do it once, doing it next time will be very easy and any tough Spot the difference puzzle can be solved very quickly.
Post your comments if you have any doubts regarding learning this technique to solve. Answers to these picture puzzles will be posted later. Do post your answers in the comment section of this post.
Picture Puzzles in which your challenge is to Spot the differences
1. Can you spot the four differences in these pictures?

Picture Puzzles in which your challenge is to Find the differences in Puzzle Images
2. Can you spot the three differences in these pictures?

Spot the differences Photo hunt
3. Can you spot the two differences in these pictures?

Photo puzzles to Spot the differences
4. Can you spot the four differences in these pictures?

Spot the Differences are very interesting Picture Puzzles that will test your observational skills. If the two pictures are parallel and in line with each other then you can immediately find these differences. However, if the pictures are moved up/down or rotated with respect to each other then you have to use your observational skills to find the differences. Here are a few pictures puzzles as mentioned below where you have to use your visual perceptions and observational skills.

List of Find the Different Picture Puzzles

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