How to Create Magic Images to Disillusion Your Mind

Learn to Create Magic Images to Disillusion your mind
Our brain absorbs the information are kept this information in short-term memory. If the brain is made to concentrate for some time, it will create illusions. Here is an amazing magic image that will make your mind create illusions. In this post, I am going to teach about creating these magic images which will disillusion your mind. First, let us see how these images work.
Below are the instruction for playing with this Beautiful Magic Image. 
1. Stare for around 30 seconds at the red star on the nose of the girl.
2. Turn your eyes towards the plane surface of the wall or roof or somewhere else.
3. Keep blinking your eyes and let your mind create illusions.

Disillusion your mind with this Amazing Magic Image
1. Amazing Magic Image to Disillusion your mind
Here below is the actual Magic image. This is the image one will see when one looks at the plan surface after looking at the above image. The above image is nothing but a Negative image of the below picture which is edited to add start at the nose to keep a reference point where your mind will concentrate. Nowadays most Smartphones come with a camera having the ability to take negative images. Using this feature one can easily generate these kinds of pictures.
Amazing Magic Image Optical Illusion
2. Amazing Magic Image Optical Illusion Solution

Here is another similar one. 

Magic Optical Illusion Image
3. Magic Optical Illusion Image
Below the actual picture which you will see when you at the blank white space.
Magic Optical Illusion Image Solution
4. Magic Optical Illusion Image Solution
In this post, I have mentioned the way to create these pictures. Hopefully one will be able to create similar pictures now. I will soon create another similar post after creating these kinds of pictures.
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