Clever Reading Brain Teasers

Clever Reading Brain Teasers
Is your brain clever enough to read the encrypted text? Yes, your brain is very powerful. It is trained to ready any kind of text be it encrypted text where words in the sentences are misspelled. It can read even if the text is blurred. Your mind can even read the hidden numbers. It can clear find the hidden faces in the pictures. Now here are another clever reading brain teasers to tickle your brain. These brain teasers are an extension of earlier published similar reading brain teasers which are posted with the title "Eye Yoga Mind Twisters Reading Challenge Brain Teasers".
In each of these clever reading brain teasers, there is a quote by a famous person. However, the letters of these quotes have been replaced with numbers. Your challenge is to read these quotes in the first attempt.
Can you read these quotes? Do post your answers in the comment section.

Encrypted text reading challenge
1. Encrypted text reading challenge

Fun reading challenge riddle text
2. Fun reading challenge riddle text

If you can read this you are genius
3. If you can read this you are genius

Reading challenge encrypted text
4. Reading challenge encrypted text

Reading challenge for kids
5. A reading challenge for kids

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