Brain Teaser for Children with Solution

Here is Brain Teaser for Kids. In fact, this Brain Teaser is made by a kid. However, I found it difficult to solve. This is a kind of puzzle which kids will be able to able easily but adults will find it tough to solve. Let's see if you can solve it easily. Can you find what will replace the question mark?
It is an easy brain teaser for children which kids will find it easy to solve but adults will take time to think through it and find answer.
Can you solve this brain teaser?

The answer to this "Brain Teaser for Children", is hidden as of now to avoid any spoiler. Do post your answers in the comments box. Also, you can post your request to view the answer in the comment section. Please do give your best try to solve this brain teaser.


Anonymous said...

here the letters implies their position in the alphabetseries
A=1, B=2 so on.
B+D+E = 2+4+5= 11 = the letter K

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