Friday, January 5, 2018

Logical Puzzles and Sudoku Tutorials

Tutorials for learning to solve Puzzles, Sudoku and other things
Lets learn how to do it!!. Here are tutorials to teach step by step about various things. Most of these tutorials are for learning to solve a particular Printable Puzzle or Sudoku type. However these tutorials are not limited to Puzzle to Sudoku but also includes other like Creating Magic Images or Learning to see Stereogram pictures.
List of these tutorials is given below. Click on the given links below to start corresponding tutorial.

Battleship Puzzle Tutorial

Calcudoku or Mathdoku Tutorials

Dot-a-Pix Puzzle Tutorial

Fill-a-Pix Puzzle Tutorial

Hashi/Bridges Puzzle Tutorial

Hitori Puzzle Tutorial

Kakuro Puzzle Tutorial

Link-a-Pix Puzzle Tutorial

Maze-a-Pix Puzzle Tutorial

No Two in a Row (Tic-Tac-Logic) Tutorial

Nurikabe Puzzle Tutorial

Pic-a-Pix (Paint by Numbers) Puzzle Tutorial

Slitherlinks Puzzle Tutorial

Skyscrapers Puzzle Tutorial

Sudoku Puzzle Tutorial

Sym-a-Pix (Galaxy) Puzzle Tutorial

How to solve Crossword Puzzles?

How to solve "Spot the Difference Picture Puzzles" quickly

How to Create Magic Images to Disillusion your mind

How to see a hidden picture in Stereogram?

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