Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Online Kakuro Puzzle Tutorial by Conceptis Puzzles

Online Kakuro Puzzle Tutorial by Conceptis Puzzles
This puzzle Tutorial is part of Logical Puzzles and Sudoku Tutorials. Kakuro is very similar to Classic Crossword Puzzle. The different is that instead of putting letters in the grid, one has to play with numbers. It is very easy to learn puzzle. In Crosswords we are given hints which leads us to make words and put it in grid. Here in Kakuro, we are given Sum of number in a particular row/column and we have to put numbers from 1-9 so that sum of these numbers is equal to given number. One additional constraint is that we don't have to repeat any number in a given sum. 
Here is Kakuro Puzzle Tutorial from Conceptis Puzzles which will help you to understand and learn more about Kakuro.

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