5 Picture Puzzles to Test your Observational Power

Can you find the hidden animals in these puzzle picture?
How Good is your observational power? Can you observe the given picture carefully and then find the hidden objects in the puzzle image? Here are the Picture Puzzles to test your Observational power. In each of these picture puzzles, there is one animal hidden. Name of this hidden animal is given at the top of each picture. Your challenge is to find this hidden animal in each of these puzzle pictures. These picture puzzles are part of Visual Puzzles for testing your observational Power.
Picture Puzzle to find hidden dog to test your observational skills
1. Can you find hidden Dog in this picture?

Picture Puzzle to find hidden Giraffe to test your observational power
2. Can you find hidden Giraffe in this picture?

Test you Observational power by finding hidden Cat in this Picture Puzzle
3. Can you find the hidden Cat in this Picture?

Picture Puzzle to find hidden squirrel to test your observational power
4. Can you find hidden Squirrel in this Picture?

Test your observational skills by finding hidden bird in this picture puzzle image
5. Can you find hidden Bird in this Picture?


>> filmy nogor said...

where is answer

>> Rajesh Kumar said...

Answers to these picture puzzles will be published soon. However if you are looking for the answer of a particular puzzle, please do let me know so that I can point you towards the hidden animal/bird.