Out of Box Thinking Puzzle Question and Answer

This is a simple Odd One Out Picture Puzzle in which your challenge is to find the Odd Number among the given set of numbers. Why I have marked it as Out of the Box Thinking Puzzle? It is because the answer to this puzzle question is open-ended. There is no fixed answer to this puzzle question. Depending upon one's perspective and thinking it may have many different answers.
I have one particular solution in mind when I created this puzzle. However, you may think differently and can come up with different answers. It is time to show your out-of-the-box thinking ability and give a different answer to this puzzle. Write down your answer in the comments along with the logical reasoning used for that particular answer.
Find the Odd One Out.  4 5 15 6 9 8 12
Can you find the Odd One Out?

The answer to this "Out of Box Thinking Puzzle Question", can be viewed by clicking on the answer button.


Unknown said...

The 5 is in the middle of star

Fun With Puzzles said...

Yes, this is the same answer which we have provided with the explanation. It will be interesting to know someone coming up with different answers and logical explanations to this puzzle :).

Yanpiat said...

No 10 is out of box because after 8 must be 10 not 9.