Visual Picture Puzzles with Answers to Twist your mind

Visual Picture Puzzles with Answers to Twist your mind
Visual Picture based puzzles all loved by all age groups people as it does not require you any knowledge or Logical reasoning. One must be a good observer to solve these puzzles. Here we are posting Gear-based puzzle pictures.
In these Gear-based Visual Picture Puzzles, one has to tell in which direction a particular gear will move if another connecting gear is moved in a given direction. There are series of picture puzzles based upon the same gear arrangement but different gears getting moved in different picture puzzles. 
These are quick questions that one must be able to answer in less than 10 seconds.
At the end link to the answer, a video is given. This video also contains some puzzle pictures one after the other with immediate answers. It also contains a video of gears being rotated to understand the rotation of gears better.

Observational Skill Brain Teaser
1. Observational Skill Brain Teaser

Picture Brain Teaser
2. Picture Brain Teaser

Picture Puzzle
3. Picture Puzzle

Picture Riddle
4. Picture Riddle

Visual Picture Puzzle
5. Visual Picture Puzzle

Further Picture Brain Tests
You can check the following interesting picture puzzles
1. Fun Picture Brain Teasers for Adults: These are very tough Odd One Out Picture Brain Teasers. 

2. Eye Test to Find Hidden Letters/Number: This Eye Test contains Picture Brain Teasers in which you have to find hidden letters or numbers in given picture puzzle images.

3. Fun Picture Puzzles to Test your Observational Skills: These Fun Picture Puzzles contain Photo Puzzles. In these brain teasers, a natural clicked photograph is converted into puzzles by adding an animal in each photo hiding in the picture background. Your challenge is to find these hidden animals in each of the picture brain teaser images.

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