20 Brainstorming Apps for Puzzles for Android

20 Brainstorming Apps for Puzzles for Android 2019
Our body is itself a puzzle; whatever we do from morning to night is the result of the things we feed ourselves. Now I am not talking about the food we eat(which you should eat healthily) but also what are you feeding your mind.
We tend to think when we are working, we will do so much in our free time, but when that time comes, we waste it consuming useless content.
Mobile apps for puzzles brainstorm your mind and keep it functional in a proper way. It anyway helps in the long term, and you are also investing your time in something good. So I want to share 20 applications that will keep your mind awake and active.

Cut It-

It's an entertaining and addictive app, and you can never get bored of it because of hundreds of levels in it. This game is for all ages, which makes it's so different.
Rating- 4.4


In these games, you have to add numbers to make it up to 2048 and numbers come in multiples of 2 only. It is exciting, and I used to play a lot in college in my free time before lectures.
Ratings- 4.7

Color Crush- Matching puzzle game

If you like strategy-based games and matching puzzles, you will be going to love them. The alignment and the clean look are its U.S.P. It is a game from razzle, which means a lot of fun.
Ratings- 3.8

Tiny Bubbles-

This game has won a lot of awards. The life of the game is short but worth it. It has an excellent visual and sound design. Pine Street code works have done some fantastic job.
Ratings- 4.7

Einstein's riddle logic Puzzles-

If you like simple riddle logic problems, you can't miss them. One thing people like about this game is that the ads in this game are not interruptive. It is perfect for teenagers.
Ratings- 4.7

Gears Logic Puzzles-

Gears logic is a good thing to solve and exercises your muscles. A fun, straightforward logic game that gets you thinking without interrupting you with countless options or pay-to-win nonsense.
Ratings- 4.5


The graphics in this game is lovable. You can play it anywhere, so that's a huge plus. The levels don't need to be unlocked, and that's nice. You can kill your time and enhance your brain skills at the same time. 
Ratings- 4.4


Simplistic in design and highly addictive. Entanglement puzzles are great because you can do an entire problem in anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes and yet are so challenging.
Ratings- 4.7

Logic Dots-

One of those not-too-difficult puzzles where the highest challenge is to combat doing "just one more". It's kind of Sudoku with dots! Tough enough to be challenging but never "impossible."
Ratings- 4.3

Unblock Me-

This game is a hurdle. Each puzzle has its differences making the player see things from different angles and prospects. The last time I played this one, it is fun. It is also stimulating that will help your mind muscles. 
Ratings- 4.6

Water Logic-

The game is best described as pure excellence and is super fun so long as you love logic and a little bit of a challenge. Very good for the brain, imagination power.
Ratings- 4.2

Brain It on-

The game is challenging, frustrating, and enjoyable. As the old saying goes, there's more than one way to skin a cat, so there is no incorrect answer as long as you can achieve the challenge.
Ratings- 4.5

Train Your Brain-

It is a great app, and it's full of a lot of helpful memory games that are a pleasure to play and train the brain. I advise this app for anyone who is looking for a progressive challenge and some fun memory games.
Ratings- 4.5

Guess the word-

It stimulates thought by using prior information and recognizing connections and differences in the pictures. It improves spelling knowledge too.
Ratings- 4.5


The game is relaxing and a joy to play. Each level gets harder and harder, which is fantastic to have that challenge. The fast-paced puzzle games of diverse variety all in one app.
Ratings- 4.5

Crossword Quiz-

Quiz on different topics. Win to unlock more items, and you can pick which to open. Compelling and educational, really is a crossword puzzle.
Ratings- 4.3

Infinite Block Puzzle-

It is good that it challenges your mind and goes and makes you examine all your doing in the game is making your brain more energetic. It lets you use cognitive problem-solving in a convenient and relaxing way. Relaxing and addictive.
Ratings- 4.4

Cut the buttons-

I think this is an exciting game that keeps your brain and your focus on the many ways of concentration. It is something to unwind at the end of the day, not having to overthink.
Ratings- 4.4


I enjoy this game, and it forces you to think outside the box and learn new things. Fun time killer to play while you're expecting for people to show up at the gathering you forgot to send out invites.
Ratings- 4.6

Flow Water fountain-

A delightful puzzle game that gets a lot of mileage out of a simplistic mechanic. Easy to learn and levels advance in difficulty at a good pace. The graphics are high, and the gameplay is smooth, and the reaction time is excellent!
Ratings- 4.3

All the apps, as mentioned above, for puzzles, are my favorite and very enjoyable. If you wish to play a game and relax your mind, try to choose these rather than some useless addictive game that boosts anger and negative energies in you.

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I am a full-time software engineer and part-time writer. I love to explore new things. I am a kid at heart and a die-hard F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan


Preetjyot said...

That's a very interesting post. These puzzles look intriguing.

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i have played 2048 and a few more from this list. Even my kids enjoyed such puzzles. Thanks for the interesting list. I will surely try others .
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Krati Agarwal said...

Yes definitely check them out :)

Krati Agarwal said...

Do try others. 2048 is one of my favourites

Suchita said...

I absolutely love playing 2048. I also play Picross Luna a lot.

Narinder Bhatia said...

Hi Krati, that's indeed a good post with a great collection of puzzles. They all seem handpicked by you. You have covered a wide range and i, particularly, liked the way you have rated them too. You have an awesome blog with very interesting content :)

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Oh that's great :)

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