5 Creative Puzzle Games That Make You Smarter

Puzzle Games to Enhance your Brain Power
Do you ever feel like your life is way too dreary and dull?

Caught up in books at work, you barely get time to think about something else. Even if it’s domestic chores or a monotonous academic routine, it slowly gets at you – chipping at those smart cells one by one.

If you’re in this boat, jump out before it gets too late!

Hang out more often. 

Shrug off a little burden.

Learn to say NO!

If none of these works in your favor, spice up your phone with creative games. A recent study by Nanyang Technological University revealed that people who play puzzle games for an hour or two per day improved their brain’s executive functions. Eventually enabling them to make better decisions, enhance their cognitive ability and logic. These are critical skills if you always want to be able to think on your feet.

How Are Puzzles Good For Your Brain?

There are six specific ways that puzzles are right for your brain:

* They exercise both sides of your brain

* They improve your memory

* They improve visual and spatial reasoning

* They uplift your mood

* They reduce your stress level

* They enhance your IQ Score

Investing in our brain health is crucial to maintain a healthy social profile. Fortunately, we have plenty of options, only a few clicks away. According to Go-Globe, Puzzle games are the most popular mobile game genre. They hold 57.9% market penetration.

5 Creative Puzzle Games to Make you Smarter

Are you ready to feed your brain? Here are some of the outstanding creative puzzle games which will make you smarter:

1. Fire Boy and Water Girl

Fire Boy and Water Girl is a 2D platform available to play online for free. It has more than 50 levels, each more challenging than the last. Both characters mentioned in the title are playable, where a single player can control both. One is controlled via AWD keys while the other uses up, right, and left arrows. This is the entire control scheme of the game.

Essentially, players have to collect coins and get past obstacles within the Forest Temple. Hazards on the way are water and fire. So the protagonists must use their powers to aid each other to get through the levels. The whole concept is to make players plan out of the puzzling room and safely towards the exit.

Besides juggling up your brain to solve puzzles, this game also teaches teamwork. For example, there is a platform that one character must stand upon to keep a door open for the other character. And finally, with cost not being an issue, you don’t have any reason not to give Fireboy and Watergirl a chance!

2. 2048

Developed by Gabriele Cirulli, 2048 is a challenging, tile-based, numeric puzzle game rocking the charts. Similar to Minesweeper and Tetris, this game demands constant vigilance and attention. One wrong action could lead you to a dead end.

It begins with an almost empty grid, with a few numbers. The goal is to add these numbers by swiping the screen right or left. You must reach the 2048 tile before the board fills up. There are 20 achievements to unlock in this game with endless hours of fun. Each level is sufficient to make it to the list of math puzzles.

If math is not your forte, this game is not ideal for you. It tests your numeric skills and the ability to solve a problem. Although a time limit does not bound players, one cannot take their mind off the game due to its intriguing nature, much like the Math Pyramid Brain Teaser, in which your challenge is to find the value of the missing number.

Bottom Row: 5 7 3 8, Next Row: 8 3 6, Next Row: 6 9, Next Row: ? Find the Value of the missing number
Can you Find the Value of the Missing Number?

What appears to be bland and boring can turn into a treat for app lovers and math junkies.

3. The Warehouse

Available at Unlimited Gamez Mo, The Warehouse is another puzzle masterpiece that deserves a go. It is a refreshing variant of the original, classic block construction-based brain teaser. 

It provides the player with a unique challenge to combine focus, reaction skills, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, creative engineering, and pressure. You have to help the player put containers in place. The difficulty of levels progresses as the game advances. The player must find the best possible place for each container so they can advance their score.

You can enjoy this one and hundreds of other game genres after paying a small subscription fee.  

4. Scribblenauts

It is a collection of hundreds of puzzles set out in an open world comprising a dozen themes. It enables the players to summon people, objects, or animals by writing the word to solve quests and problems. The protagonist goes by the name Maxwell, who has a magical notebook. Everything he writes comes into existence (a superpower we all dream for!).

The series initiated in 2004, but with several tweaks and refinement, it is finally delivering perfection to gaming geeks. It covers massive content to discover and scratch. No wonder that experts categorize it as an excellent game for people who enjoy using their imagination to solve puzzles. And flex their creative muscles.

5. Simple Motions

Simple Motions is the brainchild of Roman Konyukhov. It is a strategic puzzle game where the player has to direct a ball towards a red flag. They must keep it off from straying away from the path and collect stars to pass the given level.

The user must edit his/her placements to improve their points. They must also leave a trail when you reposition the triggers where each has a different duration and impact. Deploying them in the correct position and order will help you to solve the puzzle.

Ending Remarks

Kick-start your creative brain with either of the games mentioned on our list. Soon, you’ll be the one with out-of-the-box ideas and a witty approach to real-life troubles.

Install and play the game that appeals to you the most. Thank us later! :)


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