Benefits of Solving the Rubiks Cube by Kids

This article lists the benefits which kids will get while solving the Rubik's Cube
"The Rubik's Cube". It is a quintessential childhood entity. No matter be it a girl or boy, every toddler must have played with it. This cube is literally every tiny tot's favourite. With those lovely squares of red, white, blue, orange, green, etc. it was really a cool thing to do as a child. Though Erno Rubik, when designed it in 1974, did it casually. Little did he know that the cube would become a plaything puzzle. He was basically an architecture professor and created a 3-dimensional structure out of his ideas. Now as kids, some may solve it but most fail to do it. They keep on trying and trying.
But despite the varying results, here we will know more about the advantages of playing with it! 

1. Eye-Hand Coordination

The Rubik's cube uses an amalgam of various skills. It requires quick glance, brain usage, and hand movement. What do you think that it's a cakewalk? Well, it isn't. It is very tough to solve. But one needs to keep on trying to get perfect colours together. When a child probably around 4-5 years plays with it, he/ she learns a lot. Kids will try to move the cube with their hands and fingers. They will also keep a track of the movement through their eyes. This is to ensure that the hands and eyes are in equilibrium with each other.
Through this whole process, the eye to hand Coordination improves a lot. Toddlers who have underdeveloped limbs and eyes can sharpen their organs through this cube.
Isn't it a great and feasible way to do that? It surely is and a good relief to mothers also.

2. Problem Solving Skills

Now this advantage of a Rubik's Cube is very self-evident. Isn't the Rubik’s cube a puzzle? Like our life problems? And what one does is solve that problem by trying various options. The cube operates in the same manner. The kids will keep on grappling with it until they get successful. While doing that, they will learn various ways and media to solve a problem.
Kids will learn the importance of trying every channel or method to do that. This will surely help them become successful in real life too. When faced with any adversity, they will remember the cube. They will employ the same strategy to solve their problems too. In this whole process, their brain is going to get polished like a diamond. It will even help them look at problems through different angles and horizons.

3. Retention Power

What is retention Power? Well, it is the ability of our brain to retain certain things or memories. Teenagers who are around the age of 14-15 become experts through constant practice. They somehow even manage to solve the cube within 30 seconds too. This means they have learned the algorithm to do that.
If you give your child this cube at a tender age, results will be tremendously good. He/ she obviously won't do it at first try but gradually will learn the algorithm to do it.
Kids will also start memorizing certain spatial patterns concerning to solve it. All this is going to help them improve the brain's capacity. The easiest algorithm one employs to solve it is making a plus sign of one colour around a cube of different colours. Well, you can do it either way. But the ultimate result is that the cube will enhance their memory and knowledge holding capacity.

4. Patience and other values

You must have encountered times when you fidget about something? Or when your kids throw their cube in aggression when they fail to solve it? Well, this is normal behaviour. Initially, the child's mind is quite capricious and oscillates between many things. Thus he/she gets easily irritated when some task isn't accomplished. But after playing with the Rubik's Cube, the child will learn the art of patience.
While solving it, kids will encounter failure. They will gradually learn to accept failures and will become strong. Moreover, they will develop patience in terms of not getting angry easily. This thought process will help a parent raise a child who is balanced in behaviour. Such children are not very prone to experience a hyper sense of emotions. 

5. Agility and Accuracy

Agility is basically the movement of our limbs or any body part indicating how fast or able they are. With Rubik's Cube, you are guaranteed that part! 
In this, you are apparently supposed to move the cube. Sometimes up down, sometimes left-right. All this is going to improve a child's agility. Also, agility at a small age is an important growth aspect. Usually, parents complain that their kids are very lazy and their hand movement is restricted. Yet with Rubik's Cube, you can improve it!
Besides that, the cube also efficiently improves the accuracy skill of kids. Be it regarding solving it in a short span or employing various finger movements, the child will go on getting better. The attention aspect of his/ her will get toned too. Kids will pay more close attention to it, which will benefit them in their studies too.

6. Skill Emphasis

This cube is definitely not a product of any black magic or luck. It is a carefully designed piece with an accurate formula to deduce it out. So it's completely an artwork and a mathematical cube!
While engaging with the cube, children are likely to use their brains a lot. They are going to brainstorm ideas to get the perfect colour combination. And that's what differentiates it from rest all other luck-based games! 
If one plays Tambola, then it is solely based on one's luck. Yet if they play a game like shooting the balloon in fair, it involves skill. Rubik's cube falls in the latter category. It is going to mentally strengthen your child and make him/ her believe in the power of skill and not fortune. 

7. Fast reflexes

And last but not least of all advantages is the improvement in reflexes.
Studies have shown that solving the cube on a regular basis helps in reflex improvement. Now, what are reflexes? Well, it's a scientific term. Reflexes are the movements that a body part makes unknowingly in response to a stimulus. It's not planned but on the spot movement. Like when your body touches fire, you quickly withdraw your hand.
The same works in the cube's case. By perpetually doing this practice, you will see a visible change in reflex movement. For say, if kids will be given any home chore to do, they will do it quickly. If given a mathematics problem to solve also, they will do it quickly. Ultimately, Rubik's Cube is going to benefit the response of kids to various stimuli and activities. That's quite amazing, right? Though it may look very boring in the first place.

Altogether, the Rubik's cube as is often thought to be is more than that. Some parents do find it a waste of time. Yet if one will carefully go through these advantages, you will get flabbergasted. There's more to that rainbow-coloured cube. It's quite underrated and neglected. In fact, some people mock it for being a playtime thing to only move it between fingers. Yet it is the ultimate stress buster and enjoyment tool. It is certainly going to add to the holistic development of a toddler in indirect yet miraculous ways. Be it the accuracy, speed, dexterity, agility, or anything else, it is a complete package. So don't forget to gift your child a Rubik's cube on his/ her birthday.
The expenditure is worth it!

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