Top Brain-Games for Students of Any Age

Brain Games to keep the Students Active and Thinking
Students of all ages require a brain game that helps boost their brain activity. As a parent, you need to invest in such games to help your kids develop into all-around adults. Brain games have been embraced by many and it’s no longer a unique concept. 
In fact, it’s more of a requirement that helps students interact with real-life situations. Thanks to brain games, a student’s brain cells gain more capability.
This means that you can keep your thinking sharp in all situations. Whether you’re doing your math homework or determining right from wrong in a situation, you’ll be able to glide through without a problem. 
You can use brain games on your mobile device or go with tangible games depending on your preference. Here are the top brain games for students of all ages.

1. Rubik’s Cube 

If you’re spatially challenged, solving the Rubik’s cube will do you good. This is a mind-bending game that will frustrate you it’s a simple yet complex setup. This challenging game allows you to use your brain fully to get to a solution. 
From the looks of it, aligning colors looks like a simple task, but it requires strategy and planning. You need to know when to turn which raw or column to get to your solution faster. 
The Rubik’s cube tests your ability to coordinate multiple layers of different colors and achieve uniformity. 
The direction of movements you make determines if you’re moving further away from the solution or you’re getting closer to achieving order. This level of mastery is something we all need when deciphering complex situations.
When you get to a point where you can solve a Rubik’s blindfolded, you should consider yourself a genius in your own right.

2. Chess 

Chess is like the refined human brain teaser, as it’s a highly respected means of proving superiority over who you’re playing with. This game represents a world-renowned and old-fashioned concept of strategizing. 
The regal pieces each represent something, which gives the game even more meaning. Even though it seems like a simple board game, it holds so much aristocratic appeal. Its straightforward design shouldn’t full you because playing chases will allow you to explore parts of your brain that you didn’t even know existed.

3. Ghost 
This is a non-tangible game and this contributes to its appeal, seeing that the name of the game is Ghost. Ghost tests your word-spelling capacity and you can access it anywhere regardless of what you’re doing. 
This is a game that allows you to multi-task and improve your vocabulary on a day-to-day basis. As a player, your job is to add letters and grow your word, however, the goal is to let someone else complete the word. 
In case you lose, you get a letter in the word ‘g-h-o-s-t’ and the first player to get all the letters has to drop out of the game. You get penalized for using incorrect spellings and this helps you reinforce the correct spellings in your mind. 

4. Trivial Pursuit 

This is an excellent choice for anyone who is any know-it-all since Trivial Pursuit tests general knowledge. If you’re a well-read individual, you’ll enjoy playing this game as it will help you refresh your memory on different facts. 
This is a fact retention game that helps onlookers learn as well. This game is mainly about answering questions and the color coding of the questions adds to the fun. 

5. Skillz 

If you’re an Android user, you’ll love this gaming software. It is a brain game that helps you boost your memory retention skills. Skillz provides you with the necessary brain exercise to keep your thinking sharp. 
After playing this game for a while, you notice a significant change in how fast you remember information. Memory loss is something many people struggle with regardless of age. Skillz is an excellent solution because it’s not only fun, but it works too.
Skillz is designed to boost a player’s brain flexibility, speed, and attention. You won’t have to struggle with long lectures because your brain will have gotten used to focusing.

6. Lumosity 

This is a free brain game that helps you train your brain using interactive puzzles. Through this innovative game, you’ll be in a position to develop problem-solving skills
Lumosity challenges your mental muscles and gets you to a point where you can comprehend remarkable focus. You get to train your brain for 10 minutes each day and the best part is you won’t have to wait for too long to see progress.

7. Cognifit

This is another game to help you improve your memory, planning skills, and thinking agility. We all need mental agility and planning capability to achieve our goals and objectives. Thanks to Cognifit, you’ll get into a mind space that allows you to thrive.

8. Elevate 

As the name suggests, this game will elevate your thinking. This is a gaming software that boosts your memory, speaking skills, attention, math skills, and thinking speed. 
It comes with 40 mini-games, each of which will help you strengthen your cognitive skills. Elevate is designed to provide you with daily brain exercises that are aimed and making your brain stronger and sharper. 

9. Memorado 

Since memory determines how well your brain functions, Memorado is here to ensure you have an excellent memory. It is a game that helps you improve your brain’s cognitive activities. It comes with a fun interface that’s fun to interact with.

10. BrainHQ

This is a game that was designed using years of research. Based on a brain development program, BrainHQ allows you to thrive in every facet. The more you play, the more progressive your thinking will be. BrainHQ provides you with a wide variety of activities to keep your brain active and fast-paced. 


Brain games are essential for students of all ages. Improving brain activity allows you to achieve a lot based on how fast you can think. Make sure you create time for unique brain games each day so that you keep your thinking sharp. Whether it’s a tangible game or a mobile application, you should make the most of it. 

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