Brain Teasers, Games, and Illusions to Train your Brain

Brain Teasers, Games, and Illusions to Train your Brain

The human brain is the center of activity in our bodies and is responsible for managing all of the functions of daily life, during the day, and while you’re asleep. With an endless list of tasks and responsibilities, our minds can often become tired and weak from overworking the organ and neglecting the care and well-being of our brains

To prevent our minds from rapidly aging and deteriorating as we grow older, it is important to take the time to sit down and give our brains the right nutrition and exercise to keep them running efficiently and smoothly, just like the rest of the body!

Brain teasers, games, and illusions are an enjoyable and simple way to have some fun while working out your mind!


Brainteasers are a great way to test your memory and cognitive skills and make a fun game out of it! On this website, there is a variety of engaging and unique brain teasers available to put your memory and mind to the test!

Trivia games are one of the most popular brain teasers to give your mind a good workout! Playing trivia games and testing your memory is simple and fun. You can find questions on any subject for any difficulty level. Trivia games are good for learning material for exams or just putting your memory to the test. 

Riddles are another great brain teaser to force you to use critical thinking and some imagination to solve a word puzzle. You have to carefully listen to the information you’re given about a person, place, or thing, and try to decipher what this riddle is hinting at! Riddles come in all lengths and difficulties for children and adults alike, and starting simple is always a good way to warm up for the really puzzling ones!

What can provide Food Before It is alive, while it is alive and after it's dead.
Quick Riddle to Train Your Brain

Developed by John Ridley Stroop, The Stroop Test is a great way to put your cognitive skills to the test! The test is conducted using a list of color names where the font is in a different color than the name given and the objective is to read the list in order, correctly, and as fast as you can without letting the font color trip you up!

Stroop Effect: Can you read the Colors of the Words?
Stroop Effect to Twist Your Brain

The internet is full of surprises and there are millions of fun and unique brain teasers available online to try out! Using the internet to find new brain teasers, questions, and tests makes putting your mind to the test much easier and faster!

From trivia to riddles to tests, finding time to sit down and try out some brain teasers is a great way to put your head to work and strengthen your memory and cognitive skills!


Brain games are one of the most enjoyable ways to sit down and test your mind! Everyone loves games and with a wide variety to choose from they offer endless hours of entertainment and brain-strengthening fun!

Can you solve this Hourglass puzzle?
Puzzle to Train Your Brain

Puzzles are a great brain game to get active and solve some problems! They come in all shapes, sizes, and difficulties for all ages and strengths. Jigsaw puzzles, Rubix cubes, and other handheld puzzle toys are some fun options for those who want to get hands-on with their brain care!

Can you find the missing Jigsaw Piece in this Picture Puzzle?
Jigsaw Picture Puzzle to Test Your Brain

Word games like crosswords, sudoku, word search, and logic puzzles are some more great brain games for putting your memory and cognitive skills to the test! Made for all ages, the games force you to use critical thinking to solve the puzzles, and have a great time doing it!

Once again, the internet comes in handy when searching for engaging and challenging online brain games for all your cognitive needs! Just about any brain game, you can get in the real world can be found in a variety of designs and subjects with just a quick search! 

The internet also opens up a whole new world of entertainment through online video games filled with challenging brain puzzles that require critical thinking and concentration!

Playing fun and engaging brain games is a great way to kick back and have some fun while putting time and effort back into the health of your mind!


Illusions are a great way to spice it up when looking for new activities and games to test your brain! Pondering over confusing images and illusions is a perfect way to let your imagination run wild and force your brain to look at the big picture in front of you. 

Everyone sees color a little bit differently and conducting images that trick your brain into seeing all sorts of vibrant hues and shades really makes you wonder what you’re looking at. Two people can look at the same image and think it is a completely different color. While you're struggling over one color, taking a glance at the rest of the image suddenly shifting shades will certainly leave you flabbergasted!

Optical illusions are a perfect way to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. Most optical illusions appear to be one image, but when you take a closer look you can point out multiple different pictures in one! You have to concentrate on different areas of the image to find all the different pictures, and even then you still might miss some details!

Tricking your eyes and mind with some good old-fashioned illusions really works up a cognitive sweat and will put your brain to the test!

Think about it

The health and well-being of our brains are often neglected until much later in life when many core functions have already aged and deteriorated. Finding ways to make taking care of one of the most vital organs in your body fun and engaging is important to encouraging a sharp mind and functioning cognitive skills!

Playing some brain games, solving puzzles, and stumping yourself with difficult illusions is a great way to strengthen your mind and put your brain to the ultimate cognitive test! 

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