Stroop Effect - Can You Pass This Color Test?

Stroop Effect is the demonstration of interference in the reaction time of the task. e.g. it is easier to read the name of the color from the written word if that word is written in the same color as the word represents. However, it becomes very difficult to read the name of the color if the word color is different from the color which is being mentioned in the word. This effect is named after John Ridley Stroop who first published about this effect. Can you pass this color test?
Here is the test to understand the Stroop Effect. Here some color names are given. However, your task is to read aloud the name of the color of the word. Try to read it as fast as possible. Let us see how many of these color names you can read correctly?
Stroop Effect-Color Test
Can you read the color of the words in this Picture?

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