Maths Puzzle for Whatsapp with Answer

Nowadays many puzzles are shared on Whatsapp esp. in groups in which there are lots of school-going students. This Maths Puzzle is for such a Whatsapp group. You can share it with your friends and tell them to quickly solve. I am sure that most of the people will reply back with the wrong answer. This is an easy Maths Puzzle. However, if one tries to solve it quickly then one may miss the hidden trick in this puzzle. Let's see if you can quickly solve this puzzle correctly in your first attempt?
Can you solve this Mathematical Puzzle Question?
Can you solve this Maths Puzzle?

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The Answer is 15
Pineapple (P) = 8
Apple (A) = 4
Each Banana (B) = 1
Last equation A + 3B + P => 4 + 3 + 8 => 15
If someone tries to solve it quickly, he/she will miss one removed Banana in the last equation and he/her answer will be 16


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