More Puzzles to Find the Mistake in Picture

Finding the mistake in the given picture makes very interesting visual puzzles. In these puzzles, one has to find the mistake in the given picture. This mistake can be anywhere It could be in the heading, body, or ending of the written words or it could be part of the picture. Today's puzzles are part of the "Can you find the mistake" puzzles.
In these given puzzles one has to find the mistake in the puzzles. This mistake can be anywhere. It could be in the heading or anywhere else. One has to carefully observe the picture and try to find something wrong in this picture puzzle. Most people will not be able to find any mistakes in some of the puzzles. But believe me that there is a mistake in every given puzzle here.
The second part of the challenge is that each of the given picture puzzles is having hidden pictures of famous scientists. One has to name these scientists.
Please share these puzzles with your friends and try to get the answers among your friends. 

Very Easy Find the Mistake Picture Puzzle
1. Can you find this mistake in this easy-picture puzzle?

If you are able to find the mistake in the previous puzzle, then only try to next one as the next one is going to be tougher than the 1st one.

Easy Find the Mistake Picture Puzzle
2. Are you able to find a mistake in this Picture Puzzle?

The first two puzzles were easy to get started. The next three puzzles are going to be tough. However, difficulty depends from person to person. Next puzzle one should be able to solve very quickly. If one is not able to find the mistake in this puzzle immediately then it is going to be tough to find the mistake in this puzzle.

Mind Bending Find the Mistake Picture Puzzle
3. Can you find the mistake in this mind-bending picture puzzle?

The following two puzzles are going to be tough to find the mistake. One will need an eagle eye to solve these puzzles. Can you find the mistake in the next one comfortably?

Tricky Puzzle to Find the Mistake
4. Can you find the mistake in this tricky puzzle?

The last one is a very tough puzzle to find the mistake. However, if you are able to solve the first four puzzles without any help, then this should not be very tough to solve. Let us see if you can find the mistake? Please comment on your answers for each of the puzzles.

Hard Puzzle to Find the mistake
5. Can you find the mistake in this hard puzzle?

Please share these puzzles with your friends and have fun solving these puzzles together.
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pavneet said...

Answers please.

Fun With Puzzles said...

Thanks for asking for answers to these Mistake Puzzles. Answers will be published soon.

Fun With Puzzles said...

Link to the Answer Page for this Mistake Finding Puzzles is updated now.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

In the 1st picture the mistake is there is a roman number IX, and in the 2nd pic the mistake is there is a number between the letters s and x it should be six not s1x, in the same way 3rd pic the mistake is the answer should be 1 not l, 4th picture there are v, v in the two letter, and in 5th there is a letter q in the word two. Thanks

Anonymous said...

In first one, instead of s 5 is written not the roman number

Unknown said...

I solved them all easily. It never specified what mistake. "Share if you found" needs an "it" at the end to be correct grammar. It never said we needed to find more than one, either. ��

Unknown said...

Either an "it" at the end, or just "Share if you found the mistake."

Rajesh Kumar said...

To solve these puzzles, you can ignore the last line which is the request to share the puzzle with friends. Most of these mistake puzzles contains mistakes in the numbers.

Rajesh Kumar said...

Most of the puzzles contains mistake in the digits part of the picture. Answer link is now provided where one can check the answers for these mistake puzzles.

niya said...


Rajesh Kumar said...

Answers link to these mistake finding #puzzles is given at the end of the post. Please let me know if you are not able to located it?

Unknown said...

In the first one there was 5 instead of S in six,
In the second one there was 1 instead of I in six,
In the third one there was L instead of 1,
In the fourth one it was a double V in two instead of W,
In the fifth one there was V in the four instead of U.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but these s.c."puzzles" are for SMALL CHILDREN who just start to learn distinguish letters.
I couldn't believe someone posted it maybe being convinced they're for adults.! Incredible.

Jewel said...

What is the answer to puzzle number 2 of can you find the mistake