Number Puzzles and Answers for Middle School Students

Number Puzzles and Answers for Middle School Students
We keep on posting different types of number puzzles on this website. Some puzzles are logical which will make you think logically. Some puzzles are observational which will help you to improve your visual skills. Some puzzles are mathematical which will not only help to sharpen your mathematical skill but also increase your interest in Mathematics. Today's puzzles are missing number puzzles that are mathematical. These are the extension of previously published similar puzzles with the title  "Awesome Missing Number Math Square Puzzles".

How to Solve Number Puzzles

In these number puzzles, a big square is divided into four smaller squares and each square is having four numbers that are related to each other with some mathematical pattern. In these logical reasoning number puzzles, your challenge is to crack the logical code which relates the given numbers and then find the value of the missing number.

So are you ready to find the missing number? Please post your answers with an explanation in the comment section.

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Answers to Number Puzzles

Answers and explanations of these missing number puzzles are given below. To understand the explanations of these maths missing number puzzles note the below-mentioned notations.
Let us say D is the number in the shaded square.
Let A be the number opposite to D and B, and C be the other numbers that are opposite to each other
1. 19
The logic used in this missing number puzzle is as below
D = 2xA + B + C

2. 2
The logic used for this easy math puzzle is as below
D = B+C-A

3. 4
The logic used in this math puzzle is as below
A x D = B x C

4. 24
The logic used in the math photo puzzle question is as below
D = (B+C)xA

5. 9
Multiply the upper numbers to get the lower number with it is the unit's place written on the right side and the ten's place digit is written on the left side.
e.g. 3x4 = 12, 6x7 = 42 etc. 


Unknown said...

Can you please elaborate.

Rajesh Kumar said...

Thanks for asking the explanation of answer to these missing number maths puzzles. Detailed explanation is added now for these puzzles. Please do post your comment in case something is still not clear regarding the answers and explanations of these puzzles.

Unknown said...

What numbers will replace question mark for?
4 3 2 0 ?
8 6 2 8 ?

Rajesh Kumar said...

Give some more hints for these number pattern puzzles.

Rock said...

2+3=23,3+1=34,4+2=26,6+3=29,than 7+1=? Find that missing number

Unknown said...

Your explanations make no sense. How does it explain the other numbers.