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This one is an easy Brain Maths Question for school-going kids. This Mathematical Logical reasoning question does not require very complex calculations. In this Brain Maths Question, some number equations are given which seem Mathematically incorrect. However, all these equations follow the same logical pattern which makes these equations correct. Your challenge is to decode this logical pattern and find the value of the missing number which is the answer to the last equation in the given puzzle picture?

If 15=11, 22=8, 33=15, 24=14 Then 35=?. Can you solve this Brain Maths Question for Children?
Can you solve the Brain Maths Question?

The answer to this "Brain Maths Question for Children", can be viewed by clicking on the button. Please do give your best try before looking at the answer.


Unknown said...

23 is the correct answer

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Hi who ever is made this a great math eqeuation which it was quite hard but actually i solved it u should post more of the ques i really like it i am an a indian i always will look for more mathematics puzzles i really solved every puzzle which is different by the way ur math equation is great so post many equation like i will really support u!!!!!

Fun With Puzzles said...

Nice to know that you liked these maths logic puzzles. There are so many similar puzzles on this website. You can explore these puzzles too and we are looking forward to your comments on these puzzles. Also, We are planning to publish more such puzzles in the whole month of June.