Gear Puzzles: Easy Picture Puzzles with Answers for Kids

Picture Puzzles of Rotating Gears with Answers
It's very interesting to learn the gear rotations. When one gear is grid-locked to move another gear then the second gear rotates in the opposite direction of the first gear. In these picture puzzles, it becomes very interesting to find in which direction some other gear will move when another one in the gridlock full of gears moves in a particular direction.

How to Solve Gear Puzzles

In this post, I am posting 5 Gear puzzles. In each of these puzzles, one has to find out in which direction Gear B will move when Gear A moves in either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Answers to each of these puzzles are given at the end along with videos of the rotation of these gears to learn and understand these movements of gears.

Gear Puzzles: Rotating Gear Picture Puzzle
1. Rotating Gear Visual Puzzle

Gear Puzzles: Picture Puzzle of Rotating Gears
2. 'Picture Puzzle' of Rotating Gears

Gear Puzzles: Picture Brain Teaser of Rotating Gears
3. 'Picture Brain Teaser' of Rotating Gears

Gear Puzzles: Picture Riddle of Rotating Wheels
4. 'Picture Riddle' of Rotating Wheels

Gear Puzzles: Picture Brain Teaser
5. Picture Brain Teaser

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Gear Puzzles Answers


1. Clockwise

2. Anti-Clockwise

3. Clockwise

4. Anti-Clockwise

5. Anti-Clockwise

Below is the video which will help to understand this rotation better.

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