Easy Counting Triangle Puzzles: Observation Test

Observational Skill Test - How Many Triangles Counting Brain Teasers
Earlier we published an Observation Test to count the number of lines in the given picture puzzle images. That Observational test was easy. Here is another set of Visual Puzzles in which your challenge is to count the number of triangles in the given picture puzzles. These counting the triangles visual puzzles have been arranged starting from an easy visual puzzle and ending with a tough visual puzzle.

How to Solve Triangles Visual Puzzles

In these visual puzzles, one big triangle is given which contains another small triangle. Your challenge is to count all the triangles which you could see in total. Be careful that there will be many triangles of different sizes hidden inside this big triangle.
Let us start with the easy triangle counting brain teaser and then slowly move to the tough brain teaser to count triangles.

Triangle Visual Puzzles: How Many Triangles do you see puzzle
1. How Many Triangles do you see in this Picture Brain Teaser?

Observational Test: How many triangles in Figure Picture Puzzle
2. How many triangles are there in this Figure Picture Puzzle?

Observational Test: How Many Triangles Brain Teaser
3. How Many Triangles can you count in this Picture Puzzle?

Observational Test: How Many Triangles Puzzle
4. How many triangles can you see in this Picture Puzzle

Observational Test: Triangles Counting Observation Test
5. Can you count all the triangles in this Picture Puzzle?

Solutions to these Triangles Counting Brain Teasers will be provided later. However, post your answers in the comment section and try some more puzzles and brain teasers to give a twist to your brain as mentioned below.

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