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Quizzes to Test Your English Vocabulary

Language Neutral Brain Teasers are best to test one analytic ability. However, there are many jobs in which one has to be an expert in a particular language. English being the global language, there are many brain teasers and quizzes which are based upon the English language. A few days back we published puzzles to Guess the English Word and English Word Puzzles and Riddles. Today is a quick English quiz. 

Here I am posting some of the quizzes to test your English vocabulary. This requires some basic knowledge of the English language and there may be more answers to a particular question. However, try to get as many words as possible for the given quiz question.

The answers link to these brain teasers is given at the end of this post as a video link that contains the questions and answers in the same order as in this post.

Think of a word that describes the amount of water vapor in the air.
1. How many words can you find quickly?

Think of a word that starts with 'A' and end with 'E'. It describes the Person and is not appreciated by most of the people.
2. Can you find this English word?

Think of a word that starts with M and it describes the most precious relation of everyone's life
3. Can you solve this English Word Quiz Mind Twister?

Think of a word that starts with F and ends with E. It is a pleasant to one of our sense organ.
4. Can you solve this English Quiz?

Think of a word that starts with D and ends with H and has three vowels.
5. Can you answer this English Quiz Puzzle?

Answers to English Vocabulary Quiz Questions

Do check out below mentioned English word brain teasers to help you excel in your studies

List of English word brain teasers

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