Rebus Puzzle Brain Teasers with Answers

Rebus Puzzle Brain Teasers with Answers
Rebus Puzzles is the latest addition here in word brain teasers. In rebus puzzles, ideas are put in the form of pictures, and your challenge to find the word or phrase represented by the rebus picture image. 
Earlier we have published Rebus Puzzles for Kids which were easy ones and that rebus puzzles were the introduction to the rebus puzzles. Now it's time for some relatively tough rebus puzzles.
Answers to these rebus puzzle brain teasers at the end. Do try to solve these rebus puzzles without looking at the answers. Use the given answers only to check and correct your answers.

Simple Rebus Puzzle
1. Simple Rebus Puzzle

Rebus Brain Teaser
2. Rebus Brain Teaser

Rebus Mind Teaser
3. Rebus Mind Teaser

Rebus Puzzle Question
4. Rebus Puzzle Question

Rebus Riddle
5. Rebus Riddle

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Answers to these rebus puzzle brain teasers are given below
1) Bicycle

2) Split Personality

3) Long time no see (C)

4) Night downtown

5) Cross Roads 

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