Quick IQ Test Question: English Riddle with Answer

Put your IQ to the test with a quick English riddle. Engage in this brain teaser and discover the answer to challenge your intelligence.

Here is the Quick IQ test. This is the English riddle that you need to answer as quickly as possible. You need to think out of the box to solve this English Riddle. Solving this English Riddle will test your IQ and knowledge of the English language. Let us see if you can answer this riddle as quickly as possible?

Word Brain Teaser: I start with "P" and end with "E", but I have thousands of letters.  What am I?
Can you solve this English Riddle?

The answer to this "English Riddle", can be viewed by clicking on the answer button.


Leha said...

I had guessed post box!

Rajesh Kumar said...

Your answer was quite near to actual answer for this riddle. Even I got confused when first time I come across similar #riddle.