5 English Rebus Puzzles: Test Your Skills with Answers

TOP SECRET SECRET SECRET. Can you find the answer to this English Rebus Puzzle?

This Puzzle Video contains the
Rebus in English for school students. Solving these Rebus puzzles will help you to improve your brainpower. In the Rebus Puzzles, your challenge is to find the hidden meaning, words, or phrases in the given puzzle image. Let's see how many Rebus Puzzles you can solve in this video?

In this puzzle video, there are 5 Rebus Puzzles and one bonus puzzle. You will be given just 7 seconds to solve each Rebus. If you feel that given time to solve a particular Rebus is less, then you can pause the video. Answers to each Rebus Puzzle are provided immediately after the puzzle image. In the end, there is an extra bonus Rebus Puzzle. Write down your answer to this Rebus puzzle in the comments.

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