Kids Math Equations Riddles with Answers

As a kid, I used to love to solve math equations. In most of these math equations, alphabets are given in the equations and one has to find the value of these alphabets. However, these math equations become more fun when these alphabets are replaced with the pictures. We have earlier published animals math picture puzzles as well as fruits math picture puzzles in which one has to calculate the value of given animal or fruit. These math equation riddles are algebraic puzzles with shapes. These are all easy math puzzle to be solved by kids.
In these kids math equation riddles, two equations are given which you have to solve for the two given triangular shapes.  Once you are able to find the value of each of these shapes and solve the third equation to get the required answer.
These math equations riddle are easy puzzles for kids. 

Easy math puzzle for kids
1. Easy math puzzle for kids

Maths puzzle quiz for kids
2. Maths puzzle quiz for kids

Maths brain teaser question for kids
3. Maths brain teaser question for kids

Kids math equation game
4. Kids math equation game

Maths puzzle riddle for kids
5. Maths puzzle riddle for kids

Answers of Kids Math Equations Riddles

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