Friday, November 10, 2017

Easy but Brain-teasing Math Problems for Kids

Easy but Brain-teasing Math Problems for Kids with answers
Solving the mathematical equations is very interesting brain teasers. If the fun factor is added in these math equations then one will love to solve these problems. This fun factor can be added by replacing numbers with the pictures or removing the operators. Here we are presenting few math equations in which operator has been removed. 
In each of these math problems, operators in the equations are removed. The list of the operators which can be used to solve the equation are given in each of the problem. Each operator can be used as many times as one wish. However BODMAS rules apply in each of the equations.
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Easy but Brain-teasing Math Problem-1
1. Can you put operators and make this maths equation correct?

Easy but Brain-teasing Math Problem-2
2. Make this equation correct by putting the operators.

Easy but Brain-teasing Math Problem-3
3. Can you make this equation true after adding given operators?

Easy but Brain-teasing Math Problem-4
4. Can you correct this Maths Equations by adding operators in blank spaces?

Easy but Brain-teasing Math Problem-5
5. Fill in the Blanks with given operators to make this equation correct.

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Below is the answer of 6th Math Picture puzzle published with title Math Brain Teasers for Kids with answers. We have hidden the answer to avoid someone looking inadvertently at the solution. Do select the text below to read the solution. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

6. Here we have first equation 3* Cat = 12Kg => Cat = 4Kg
Second Animal Math Equation Bird + 4 = 5kg => Bird = 1Kg
Third Math Equation Sheep - 1 = 99kg => Sheep = 100Kg
Last Math equation 100Kg + 4Kg + 1Kg = 105Kg
So the answer to this Math Equation is 105Kg


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