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Brain Test to Find Mistakes in Puzzle Images
There are many different types of puzzles posted here on the website. Some puzzles are mathematical which requires one to do some maths calculations before solving the puzzles. Some puzzles are logical which requires logical thinking to solve these riddles. Some puzzles are observation puzzles that require visual skills to solve these puzzles.
All of these puzzle types are very famous and loved by all age groups of people visiting this website. However, finding mistake puzzles is becoming a very popular visual puzzle. There are two posts one titled Can you find the mistake? and another titled "Tricky and cool brain teasers of finding mistakes in given pictures" has been loved by our readers and these two posts are constantly coming in the top 10 popular posts each week. So we thought to create more such mistake puzzles. Here is the brain test which contains five puzzle images in which you have to find the mistakes.
Can you find the mistake in the given pictures? In these puzzle images, one has to find the mistake.  Most people will not be able to find any mistakes in the given pictures. However, there is one mistake in each picture that is not very obvious. Your task is to find this mistake in each of the pictures.
Let's see how many puzzles you can solve? Do post your answers in the comment section.

Visual Puzzles: Can you find mistake image puzzle
1. Can you find a mistake in this image puzzle?

Visual Puzzles: Can you find mistake in picture?
2. Can you find a mistake in the picture?

Visual Puzzles: Finding mistake brain teaser
3. Finding the mistake brain teaser

Visual Puzzles: Picture puzzle to find mistake in image
4. Picture puzzle to find the mistake in the image

Visual Puzzles: Puzzle image to find mistake
5. Puzzle image to find a mistake

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