Maths Logic Circle Puzzle Questions and Solutions

Math Logic Circle Puzzle Questions for School Students
Solving mathematical problems is very fun. It becomes more fun when logic is mixed in with mathematical problems. In such problems first one has to find the logical pattern among the given numbers and then has to solve the given problem mathematically. Here we are posting such Math Logic Puzzles Questions which will be very useful for school-going students. Hope school-going kids and teens will have fun solving these puzzles.

How to Solve Maths Logic Circle Puzzle Questions

In these Picture Maths Puzzles, four circles are given and each circle is having four numbers around it and there is one number in the middle of the circle. This middle circle number has some logical and mathematical relationship with the numbers around the circle. One has to find these logical relations among the given numbers and then has to find which number will replace the question mark.
These puzzles have been arranged from easy to difficult levels. The first few puzzles are straightforward, and the last few are tough. Do post your answers for these puzzles in the comment section of this post and also provide feedback for these puzzles, so that we can improve our future posts :)
Maths Logic Circle Puzzle Question with Answer for School Students
1. Easy math puzzle to find the missing number in the circle

Can you solve this easy circle math riddle?
2. Can you solve this easy circle math riddle?

Logic Maths Circle Puzzle Question with Answer for Teens in Middle School
3. Find the missing number circle brain teaser

Tough math circle puzzle question
4. Tough math circle puzzle question

Tricky math circle puzzle question
5. Tricky math circle puzzle question

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