Very Difficult Logical Number Puzzle Question

This is another logical puzzle question for adults that will bend your brain. This is a very difficult logic puzzle that will require good mathematics and logic to solve. In this puzzle picture, there are four squares, and each square is divided into four parts. Each square contains 4 numbers. There is one logical pattern or sequence which binds these numbers. Your challenge is to crack this logical reasoning in this puzzle question. Once you were able to crack the logical code, find the value of the missing number that will replace the question mark in the 3rd Square.

Can you Find the Missing Number? Square 1 Clockwise: 1 3 5 3, Square 2: 10 4 5 1, Square 3: ? 3 7 2, Square 4: 11 5 8 6
Can you Find the Missing Number?

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The Answer is.........
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This a very difficult maths logic puzzle. Write down your answer along with the logical reasoning used to solve this puzzle in the comments. I will acknowledge the first person to solve this puzzle correctly in this post. So, make sure that your name is visible clearly while writing your comments.

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Andrew said...

The answer is 0

A^2=B+C+D(A starting from the Top with clockwise or counterclockwise order)it doesn't matter