Verbal Ability Questions and Answers

Verbal Ability Questions and Answers
Verbal Communication refers to the use of sound and language to communicate with each other. The English language is the most spoken and written language in the world. There are many English Word Brain Teasers that can require knowledge of the English language to solve these puzzles. Here are some Verbal Ability Questions which are based upon English Idioms and Phrases. These are Rebus Puzzles. Let's see how many of these Rebus Questions you can solve correctly?
How to Solve Rebus Puzzles
In each of these rebus puzzles, English Idiom or Phrase is represented in pictorial form. You challenge is to use your analytics ability and knowledge of the English language to know the hidden mean in these brain teaser and get these English Idioms and Phrases.
Mind Teaser Word Puzzle
1. Find the hidden meaning of this mind teasing puzzle

2. What does this Rebus represent?

3. Can you solve this Rebus Puzzle?

Word Mind Puzzle
4. Can you solve this Rebus Mind Puzzle?

Word Teaser Brain Puzzle
5. Try to solve this Rebus Brain Teaser.

Do check out more English Word Mind-Boggling Brain Teasers as mentioned below
List of Word Brain Teasers and Puzzles

1. English Idioms-Fill in Puzzles for Kids with answers: These are very interesting English Word Brain Teasers. In these brainteasers, English Idioms are given. However, some letters have been removed randomly. Your challenge is to fill in the blanks and get the English Idiom.

2. English Word Puzzles for students with answers: It contains very challenging and minds teasing English word brain teasers.

3. Non Verbal Reasoning Test with Answers: It contains many Non-Verbal Reasoning Questions along with answers to twist your mind.

4. The Brain Wiring Test for Kids, Teens, and Adults with Answers: At the end don't forget to give the brain wiring test to check your analytic ability.

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